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Americans disgusted as Channel 4 airs racy show

US television viewers have been left disgusted after a TV network aired a 15-person o*gy.

Though with US network TLC airing everything from Dr Pimple Popper to My 600lb Life, it’s not exactly clear why.

American viewers disgusted as Channel 4 airs 15-person orgy in steamy show - Daily Star


Channel 4 show Open House: The Great S*x Experiment proved to be too much for some American TV addicts, as they took to Twitter to react to the bizarre show.

Currently in its second series, the show aired one of its most controversial ever episodes as couple Chanice and Richardo invited the other guests to their room for a party.

Channel 4 viewers left baffled over 15-person orgy in 'raunchiest ever show' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

But things soon got out of hand as things turned steamy, with the guests whipping their clothes off to perform various s*x acts with each other.

Open House: The Great Sex Experiment shocks Channel 4 viewers


The couple, who have been together for eight years, finished things off by having s*x in front of the entire group.

Richardo commented: “We just invited everyone at the party to the after-party. There are so many experienced people. It’s just like… take us in.”


Channel 4 viewers floored as 'raunchiest ever show' features 15-person orgy in racy scenes - Daily Star

A narrator on the show said: “Tonight, the pair hoped for an intimate couple swap. Instead, they’re in a bedroom with 15 frisky residents.”

Chanice confessed: “I don’t even know how many people we just invited. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”


The show, which proved controversial with viewers, is one of many to come from Channel 4’s friskier side, along with N*ked Attraction.

Channel 4 viewers shocked as it airs 'raunchiest ever show' featuring 15-person orgy | The Sun


The UK's Channel 4 Once Again Went Full Chaos Mode & Broadcast A 15-Person Orgy, Which We Love

Viewers of its latest hit show took to Twitter after some accidentally caught an eyeful, with one writing: “Film on Sky finished and TV pinged onto #Ope(nHouse, what is this?! I can’t believe this is on normal TV.”

Someone else echoed: “What’s mad is these people have kids… and their kids are gonna see this.”

X-rated show shocks viewers with 15-person orgy and racy scenes


“I hope someone comes in and gives that room a deep clean before anyone else sleeps in there,” another viewer begged.

“OMG a 15-person o*gy!” another echoed.

Channel 4 viewers shocked as it airs 'raunchiest ever show' featuring 15-person orgy | The Sun