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‘I earn fortune from visiting supermarkets – it’s easiest job I’ve ever had’

Belle Olivia is certainly no stranger to flashing the flesh.

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The Manchester-based beauty, 21, has earned millions of pounds from her raunchy content. And now she’s cashing in on a fetish her customers certainly love.

Recently she’s been showing her undies in shopping malls across Britain and the globe. According to the beauty, her subscribers love seeing her flash the flesh.

She told Bang Premier: “I’ve heard a lot of kinky things, but this one is up there with the best of them.

“My subscribers love seeing me flashing while I shop, and I have someone with me taking videos to send them they are paying up to £100 each to see. It’s one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had!”

Belle Olivia

Belle has flashed at malls including the Trafford Centre and Westfield in west London. She’s even been paid by one of her subscribers to tour America’s biggest malls and shoot flashing videos.

She added: “He got me a first-class ticket and put me up at a five-star hotel and sent me a list of shops he wanted me to flash in for him.

“It was great – I got to see the States and get plenty of shopping in too.”

Belle Olivia

Belle is being managed by influencers management firm the Rebel Agency – who are footing the bill for her live-in security guard.

She is set to tell all on how she has made a fortune from her content – and about a string of celebrities who have contacted her on OnlyFans – on the company’s new podcast, Rebel Devils.

Belle Olivia

Belle was forced to take on a minder last year after being hit with a series of nasty stalker scares, and Rebel boss Jordan Smith says he was “happy” to invest in her security as the “health and safety of our clients is paramount”.

She also recently revealed one of her most obsessed followers is paying at least £100,000 to have a pair of her lace undies blasted into the cosmos as he wants to get a sniff of them once they have collected some space dust.

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The model added: “Loads of my fans are really rich, and have really specific kinks. Some of them pay me small fortunes to send them my worm underwear and clothes, and I’ve gotten really used to that request.

“But for the first time ever, one of them has asked me to pick out a special pair of lace underwear so he can fly them into space.”