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Man breaks up with girlfriend after Chris Brown gave her a lap dance

‘She doesn’t think what she did was wrong’
Chris Brown caused a breakup after he gave a woman a lap dance during his Under The Influence Tour.

Chris Brown gave a woman a lap dance so her boyfriend broke up with her |  indy100


During one of his concerts as part of his tour of Europe, the singer performed the erotic dance while singing Take You Down.

Chris Brown lap dance with a fan goes viral and leads to relationship  break-up | — Australia's leading news site

But the concert-goer’s boyfriend was left fuming as he watched the incident unfold on-stage, and later shared the video on TikTok.


In the footage, the woman looks suitably entertained by Brown’s moves, running her hands down the 33-year-old’s body and fanning herself with her hand.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, her boyfriend Dash didn’t seem to enjoy it quite so much, the MailOnline reports.

Man breaks up with girlfriend over Chris Brown concert lap dance - NZ Herald

He wrote alongside the TikTok post: “POV: Buying my girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown.”


He added: “I want my £500 and my girlfriend back.”

Dash then shared the full video of the lap dance, at the request of a follower.

Man claims he broke up with girlfriend after lap dance from Chris Brown

This led one follower to comment: “BREAK UP WITH HER RN SHE KNOWS BETTER.”

And when someone else asked for an update on their relationship since the lap dance, he revealed the couple were “no longer” together.


Dash wrote: “Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”

The lap dance seems to be a regular feature of Brown’s shows, and he caused controversy after grabbing former Love Island star Natalia Zoppa by the throat dance during his Manchester live show.

The R&B singer, who has a history of domestic violence, wrapped his hands around Zoppa’s neck before grinding on her.

Fans criticised Brown online, calling the footage ‘disturbing’ and ‘hideous’ and say Zoppa, 23, looked visibly uncomfortable as Chris kept his hand around her neck for six seconds.


One wrote: “This is so disturbing. A man with a history of DV, sitting a fan on stage, grabbing her around the neck then thrusting in her face.

“She may be a Love Island star but she doesn’t look comfortable with it. Why do women pay to go and watch him?”

Another added: “It looked hideous.”


A third viewer said: “This is so unpleasant to watch. Even the fact that she’s on a stage with him doesn’t stop her obvious discomfort – as she puts her hand up to his as it encircles her throat.”

But Zoppa has since come out and defended Brown, saying she “loved every minute of it.”