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MC Pipokinha: Queen of Outrageous On-Stage Antics

If you thought your favorite artist was wild, wait until you hear about MC Pipokinha, the Brazilian funk sensation known for turning up the heat on stage. Real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, this star has taken performance art to a whole new level of jaw-dropping antics.

MC Pipokinha


The hypersexual nature of her shows has led to some being cancelled


Remember that time she let a fan perform oral on her during a show? Yup, that actually happened. But that’s just one chapter in the book of Pipokinha’s X-rated escapades.

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Just when you think she couldn’t top herself, new footage from a recent performance in Sorocaba, São Paulo, shows more on-stage oral shenanigans. This time, two fans—one male, one female—were filmed giving a plastic toy the ol’ razzle-dazzle, all while Pipokinha’s backing dancer held it up like a trophy. The video, captioned “Meanwhile, at the MC Pipokinha show here in Sorocaba…” has been viewed over 150,000 times on X (formerly known as Twitter).


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The reactions? Pure gold. One person quipped, “Is this what you call entertainment/show?” Another lamented, “By God, I wanted to unsee…” And a third confessed, “I couldn’t even finish the video, I was so embarrassed.”

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With a resume like hers, it’s no surprise that some of her shows have been canceled. Earlier this year, Brazilian politicians even tried to ban anyone under 18 from attending her performances, calling them “vulgar.” Councillor Ivanilson Marinh from Gurupi went as far as to send a request to a judge, pleading for a ban on minors at her April concert.


Despite the controversy (or maybe because of it), MC Pipokinha’s star keeps rising. She’s got hundreds of thousands of followers online and even sells racy videos on a subscription site. Plus, rumor has it she’s set to appear on the next season of the Brazilian reality show The Farm, which is like Big Brother but with more chickens and possibly more entertainment.

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So, love her or hate her, you can’t deny that MC Pipokinha knows how to keep people talking. Whether it’s performing raunchy acts on stage or shocking us with her latest stunt, she’s the reigning queen of outrageous. And who knows what she’ll do next? Buckle up, folks, because with Pipokinha, it’s always a wild ride!