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Scientific Research Reveals The Most Dangerous Position

Sex is an intimate adventure, but like any adventure, it comes with risks. A recent study has highlighted some surprising and somewhat alarming findings about the dangers of certain positions. Researchers reviewed 13 years of records from three hospitals in Campinas, Brazil, a city with a population of 3 million, and discovered that the “cowgirl” position (where the woman is on top) was responsible for half of the p*nis fractures reported among straight couples. This finding was significant enough to be featured in a paper titled “Advances In Urology,” dubbing it the most dangerous position.

Reverse cowgirl: the world's most dangerous sexual position | Sex | The Guardian

So, why is the cowgirl so risky? The researchers explained that when the woman is on top, she controls the movement, and her entire body weight is bearing down. If something goes wrong – for example, a sudden, unexpected angle or too much enthusiasm – it can lead to a severe injury. The man’s tool can suffer from what the researchers call a “wrong way penetration,” which is a polite way of saying it bends or breaks in a way nature never intended.

Scientific Research Reveals The Most Dangerous Sex Position…

Imagine driving a car and needing to make a sharp turn suddenly without being able to hit the brakes. The cowgirl position is somewhat similar: once in motion, stopping quickly isn’t easy. This lack of immediate control can lead to those unfortunate fractures that the study highlighted.

Reading about these findings might make anyone wince. Just the thought of such an injury is enough to make many reconsider their favorite positions. Personally, I couldn’t help but feel a chill run down my spine when I read about it. My initial reaction was a mix of shock and a sudden urge to be extremely cautious in the bedroom.

Most dangerous sex positions that you must not try | The Times of India

Many people might have previously assumed that doggy was the riskiest position. After all, in this position, there’s always a chance that a lack of coordination or a momentary lapse in concentration could result in the man’s tool slipping out and accidentally ramming into the woman’s pelvis. This too can cause significant pain and potential injury, but according to the study, cowgirl takes the crown for being the most perilous.

This is officially the most dangerous sex position

Given the risks associated with the position, it’s essential to consider some tips for safer practices. Here are a few pointers to help ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience:

  1. Communication is Key: Always communicate with your partner. Ensure both of you are comfortable and aware of each other’s limits.
  2. Go Slow: Especially if trying a new position or if things are getting particularly vigorous. Take your time to ensure everything is moving smoothly and safely.
  3. Stay Attuned to Your Partner: Pay attention to each other’s body language and feedback to prevent any sudden or forceful movements.

Despite the risks, many couples continue to enjoy the cowgirl position without incident. With proper care and communication, the chances of injury can be minimized, allowing for a pleasurable and safe experience.