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Woman says men date her to get close to mum because she’s ‘hotter’

Julia Hatch made videos with her mum and people were shocked as they almost mistook her parent as her twin sister – and she’s got messages from men saying “your mum is hotter than you”


A woman revealed men ask her out on dates just because they want to get closer to her “hot mum”.

Julia Hatch, 20, shared her dating dilemmas on TikTok.

And in one video, she jokingly mimes the words: “I think he really likes me…”

Julia Hatch - YouTube

Then mimicking the conversation she’s had so many times in real life, she mouthed: “‘No darling, what do you actually think it is?’ They want my mum.”
After introducing her “twin” – AKA her mother – viewers were drawn to the mum’s beauty and even asked Julia to “move out of the way” so they could get a better view.

Julia and her mum were praised for their beauty


Julia said she always gets comments like “your mum is hotter”, or “your mum looks like Lana del Rey” or questions asking if she wants a stepdad.

“You have a new follower because of your mum,” another wrote.

In other videos the yummy mummy and daughter pair performed perfect lip syncs to soundtracks – and many were stunned to see how youthful Julia’s parent is.


Julia said she's got comments saying her mum is hotter than her

“Mum is beautiful but you’re just a younger twin and are beautiful too,” a fan mentioned.

And a second wrote: “The way you look the same age as your mum.


A third commented: “My cousin just said which one’s your mum.”

Julia Hatch and Mom Age | TikTok


In other news, a 41-year-old mum said she always gets mistaken as “25-year-olds” thanks to her age-defying appearance.

Amber Lancaster, from US, went on social media to share her beauty and fashion picks in body-fitting clothes and dewy makeup looks.


She was convinced that men tried to date her so they could get closer to her mum

But people were stunned when she revealed her age.

She shared her secrets: “First being tretinoin, you need a prescription for this, I’ve been using it for 15 years and it’s literally changed my skin.