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Woman shares ‘worst first date ever’ experience

Hope Schwing told her fans on TikTok the reason why she got turned off meeting people on dating apps after the traumatic experience – and people were shocked by it

A woman was traumatised when her first date invited her for dinner and shockingly, slapped his penis on a plate to serve.

Influencer Hope Schwing claims she's too hot to date in viral TikTok video | The Independent


Hope Schwing shared the terrifying experience to her 9.4million fans on TikTok, as she called it her “worst first date ever”.

“This guy invited me over for dinner at his place and I got there and I got excited,” Hope says while trying to hold back her tears.

“I’m like ‘what are you making?’ Because I haven’t eaten all day and he said ‘Sausages’ and I’m like ‘Okay, that sounds pretty good.
“He whipped out his wiener and slapped it on a plate.”


Hope said her date invited her to his place for dinner

Hope said her date invited her to his place for dinner.

Viewers commented to calm her down while some pointed out: “Always meet in a public place for a first meeting.”


A second wrote: “Girl you left traumatised and hungry.”

Interview with Hope Schwing — When I Make It To LA.


“Oh I’m so sorry for what you all have to go through,” a third added.

Hope later posted another dating “horror” when a man joked to take her to “motor boating”.

“But then he put his face over my boobs… I didn’t know that’s motor boating,” she cried and said she will “never go dating again”.


She was shocked by what the man says about 'sausages'

She was shocked by what the man says about ‘sausages’

“I’m so sorry, sounds like you’ve been through a lot of trauma in the dating world lately,” one viewer said.


Another singleton also took to TikTok to share her dating horror after receiving a text from her date.

The man told her in a message that she is “a little too overweight” for him and that she was “crushing” him.

I'm the hottest in my friend group and get all the attention – it's so hard'


Meanwhile a tattoo lover was absolutely fuming when her Hinge date gave her a cringing response to her inking.

“Every tattoo on a woman is a bad tattoo,” he texted her. “To be blunt, the sexual market value of a woman is dependent on her innocence and modesty.”