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American Rapper Posted Her Tape On Instagram: ‘I’m So Heartbroken’

The internet is vast. And everyone in there is busy on their screens, expecting new to come up, every time, from anywhere.

And among the many things that can quickly caught the attention of netizens, is anything about celebrities. The more personal or controversial it is, the more attractive it becomes.


Celebrities are essentially bankable individuals. In most of their time, professionally, these people work by portraying themselves at their very best and in perfection.

But just like everyone else, celebrities also have personal lives they want to keep discreet.

And just like everyone else, celebrities can also make mistakes.


Sexyy Red.


And rapper Sexyy Red ‘unintentionally’ shared her entire s*x tape to Instagram.

It all began one night, when followers and fans of Sexyy Red stumbled onto her Instagram Story, and found that the woman, whose real name is Janae Nierah Wherry, had published an entire s*x tape for the public to see.

Idky but I have a feeling that sexyy red is gonna be on FATD 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫. : r/Drizzy

In the video, she is seen having int*rcourse with a man, in a missionary position with the man recording her.

The 1998-born singer puts her legs high up, while the man thrusts.


The man is also seen fondling Red’s breasts.


The video was deleted by Sexyy Red soon after, ultimately resulting in a statement from her posted to X.

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sht like that,” she said.


The video was removed a few minutes later, but as always, viewers are faster, and that many of them have downloaded and reshared the raunchy video.

Sexyy Red as Spider-Man : r/CosplayofColor

Soon after the leak, many internet users and influencers reacted to it.

And if that isn’t enough, fans were also quick to share their shocked reactions.


It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Sexyy Red’s s*x tape is leaked.

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Before, Red revealed that she has had a s*x tape leaked before, saying that a video of her was on a man’s phone, and that it was the man’s girlfriend who found it when they got into a car accident.

“So they got into a car accident, and he left his phone at the car accident and left her at the scene,” she said.

“She went through his phone and saw a video of him eating my c***hie on the phone, and she posted it on the internet.”


In the said leaked s*x tape, the man is seen performing cunnilingus on her, and that Red is also seen spreading her genitalia.

Sexyy Red : r/trueratecelebrities

This stirred quite a debate.

This is because Sexyy Red is known for her NSFW content and because of that, many internet users claimed that it was her intention to leak it in the first place, and that the s*x tape is just “another prove” that she cannot make it to the top without s*xualization.

Red alleged that her Instagram account was hacked and has denied posting the video.


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Fans who came to the rescue, had her back.

Some of them said that despite her being herself professionally, “does not equate to having her privacy violated with revenge p*rn,” a fan said on social media.

About a week later, Red revealed that she’s pregnant.


Allegedly, Red is having a baby with the man who just leaked the s*x tape.