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Brazilian Singer Blasted For Receiving This From A Fan, Live While On Stage

There aren’t that many things in life that can create the euphoria equal to attending a crowded live music events.

Not only for partygoers and attendees, because sometimes, while live on stage, even the musicians themselves can get caught into the vibe and atmosphere that things can go out of hands.



Doroth Helena de Sousa Alve, or better known by her stage name MC Pipokinha, is a singer and also a songwriter, dancer and digital influencer.

Born in August 1998, Pipokinha is unique in her own ways, and has become publicly known for her racy lyrics, and in particular, her presentations that usually feature strong s*xual content.


Mc Pipokinha : r/SexsymbolsBR

Staying true to what she’s known for, this time, she apparently went a bit too far, at least for netizens alike.

That is because while live on stage, the Brazilian singer stunned the audience, when she received oral s*x from one of her fans.

MC Pipokinha


To some people, Pipokinha is known for being the “Queen of Bitching,” and has for more than many times, intentionally made suggestive s*xual poses on stage.

Many of her fans attend her events to only see her s*xual performances, while live on stage during concerts.



In her past concerts, Pipokinha had been barely clothed, dry-humped by men, performed other simulated stuff in various poses on stage, and lots more.

She had been fondled, groped, and lots more.

Mc Pipokinha : u/Temporary_Ad3009


In one instance, she was once partially n*ked with only her underwear.

She was on the shoulders of a security guard, and was among the crowd. Pipokinha, who was only wearing stickers covering her br*asts, was the target of several attacks. In videos and images shared online, several men groped her and even squeezed her.

Pipokinha, Elisa Sanches, Emily Narizinho 🐶🐱🐣 : u/emilynarizinho

She didn’t mind that much, until some tried to take off her panties, and probed her.

“I don’t think even her paying me I would go in an environment like that. Live from STDs,” one person said, while another commented: “They look like wild, mindless animals desperately trying to reproduce… Bizarre!”


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Pipokinha who also made rounds of viral videos on social networks, especially on TikTok, has actually became a portrait of the new generation of Generation Z idols, in which she is considered to have a unique appeal in the funk genre, and has earned her a legion of fans.

But this time, Pipokinha shocked viewers for doing what nobody expected from MC Pipokinha to be able to do.

Do you think you can take it?

And that is performing explicit acts, in front of a live audience.

It all began when a female fan got on stage where Pipokinha was performing.


That was when the scandal happened.

MC Pipokinha creates a new scandal and has oral sex with fan in the middle of concert | Marca


Both women began to turn up the heat, and exchanged kisses. Soon, after caressing the singer, MC Pipokinha, who was wearing a dress, laid down on the stage.

The fan, was was apparently n*ked, pulled up Pipokinha clothes, spread her legs, and started burying her head on Pipokinha’s crotch, and began performing oral on her in front of the stunned audience.


Meanwhile, the singer kissed her fan, and even asked the staff if she could take the woman home with her.

MC Pipokinha and MC Lan

After performing the act, the fan stood up, to then twerked in front of her idol.

Photos and also the videos of the act quickly went viral.

While many blasted her for going way too far, and despises her on social media platforms, many others defended MC Pipokinha.


MC Pipokinha: albums, songs, playlists | Listen on Deezer


First of, doing explicit things isn’t anything new for the singer, and the act is something that can happen, sooner or later. And second, she allowed her fan to perform on her because she allegedly knew that her fans wanted to see her do that.

Pipokinha knew that the audience love her racy lyrics, and many are there to see her daring choreography.

What is the most popular song by MC Pipokinha?

Following this scandal, her song Bota na Pipokinha quickly went up on streaming playlists, rising up high on Spotify in Brazil.

Another instance of a singer going way too far, is Sophia Urista, a former contestant at the ‘The Voice’ U.S. in season 11 in 2016.

MC Pipokinha - Songs, Events and Music Stats |


In 2021, at the Florida’s Welcome to Rockville festival at Daytona National Speedway in the U.S., the singer told the crowd that she “gotta pee” but won’t be able to make it to the bathroom. So instead, a man was invited onto the stage, so she could urinate on him.

Pipokinha who has also become a model on an OF style platform, said that her “tape” should be soon available on streaming websites.


Dançarinos rompem com MC Pipokinha e acusam: "Hipócrita, ignorante"

“A clip is coming, which is… how can I explain? Ever heard of ‘tape’ ? I’m sorry to tell you this, but in this clip, me and the person in the clip are having it. And this clip is from MC Lan and Pipokinha,” he said, in a moment during one of her performances on stage.

Shortly after the announcement, Pipokinha published a video of her in bed with MC Lan on TikTok. She later revealed that the pair did what they promised, but weren’t practicing safe s**, meaning that she needed to get a test.

Revelação do funk, MC Pipokinha já comprou carro para o pai e sonha em cantar com Anitta; conheça - Famosos - Extra Online

Pipokinha shared an image of a negative pregnancy test.


She also posted a video on Instagram addressing MC Lan, saying that ” […] My period started. My God, I was terrified. You’re not going to be a father. I scared you with the message. It’s all right, it’s already started. God, thank you.”

This isn’t the first time Pipokinha has run into trouble with law enforcement.