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British guy lets his girlfriend sleep with other men while he’s at work

A British bloke says he’s happy for his other-half to have bonk session with other men while he’s away at work and says it’s not cheating as he’s ‘involved’.

Matt, 36, and 31-year-old Zoe, from the UK, had only been dating a few months when he suggested that she sleep with other men – and somewhat surprisingly, it didn’t lead to a relationship break down.

Matt and Zoe have been together for four years.

Zoe began meeting other guys and would have s*x with them mostly on the first date, she usually finds men on British hook up site

She says it hardly takes a few minutes to get a guy and on most days the “drilling” gets started before Matt is even out for work.


Speaking to Zoe in the clip, he explained: “When you agreed to it, I was happy with it, because I’ve spoken to you previously – I’d been cheated on [before], so I was quite happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back.”

But he wasn’t missing out – as she would send Matt videos and photos and even asked him what he wanted to see her do next.

“You’d send me pictures, videos,” Matt recalled.

Zoe now works in the adult industry and has an OnlyFans.

“I ended up being involved in it [virtually] It was like my own amateur movie.”

And this actually led to a career change for Zoe, who’s now the top hook up model on, where she shares her “videos” as well.

Matt admits that at times he has been jealous, but insists that it’s a ‘nice feeling’.


“I wouldn’t say I’d never be jealous,” he revealed. “It’s quite a nice feeling, even though it’s jealousy.

“Because at the end of the day you know you’re included, and you know you’re coming home to me.”


After Zoe branched out with other blokes, she suggested to Matt that he follow suit and arrange his own arrangements with women outside of their relationship – but he was initially hesitant.

“I never wanted to sleep with anyone else,” he told Zoe. “You wanted to see me do it.”


Now the pair go to swinging clubs together where they’ll both happily have s*x with other people.

Despite the unusual setup, it works for Matt and Zoe, who say that they trust one another and don’t consider the s*x outside their relationship as cheating.


Zoe said: “Many people think it’s a form of cheating but it’s not because I don’t do anything behind [Matt’s] back.”

Matt added in: “We hide nothing from each other – at all – because there’s no need. Like I say, there’s more trust in this relationship than I’ve had with all the others. “