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Weird Snapchat Trend

Pals who double up as practical jokers are storming to online fame thanks to their cheeky but cheerful videos.

The band of babes who hail from Australia describe themselves as “a squad of girls that make videos”.


Hot babes' NSFW prank war escalates into shocking public vagina slapping - Daily Star


And if their latest clips are anything to go by, the videos can get pretty naughty in nature.

A compilation of the ultimate prank war between the group ended in one bikini-clad beauty running naked from a beach.


But now the lasses have taken things one step further by creating the “p**** slap”.

In an excruciating video that has been racking up the views on YouTube in the last few days, the girls take it in turns to whack each other in the privates.

It sounds like that would get old very quickly – but apparently viewers just can’t get enough, with many women praising the girl group.


“The female equivalent of the d*** tap, nice,” one person commented.

Another said: “Funny AF – I would really like to join your squad.”


“I’m definitely not ashamed to say I’ve laughed my a** off. Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned “hi-yah” to bring out the giggles,” a third added.

But the girls will never beat the cruelty of a prank that saw one topless sunbather fleeing a beach in terror.


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