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Woman Kicked Off Plane For Cleavage After She Refuses To ‘Get Them Covered’

We’ve all heard stories about people being kicked off airplanes for bad behavior.

Remember when we told you about that man who was booted from a Delta flight after disturbing other passengers with his Donald Trump rants?


Brenda, too much cleavage

Well, it turns out yelling “H*llary Bitches” on a crowded airplane isn’t the only way to get yourself escorted off a plane.

A woman was allegedly kicked off a plane because of her cleavage.

Yes, you read that correctly — cleavage!


On January 30, an unidentified woman boarded a Spirit Airlines flight traveling from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale.

Woman Claims She Was Removed From Airplane Because of Her Cleavage

While the plane was still sitting on the tarmac, the woman claims she was approached by a flight attendant who accused her of being drunk and instructed her to “cover up” her cleavage.

The woman says she was not intoxicated and complied with the flight attendant by wrapping herself up in a coat.

However, the coat wasn’t enough to satisfy the flight attendant.

Another female passenger onboard the flight saw what was going on and came to the woman’s defense.


As a result, both women were kicked off the flight.

As you can imagine, the woman was completely mortified when the flight attendants told her she needed to leave the plane because of her visible cleavage.

In fact, the unidentified woman even told ABC 10, “It’s not even about money. I was really embarrassed.”



Several other passengers on board turned to Facebook during the incident, claiming that two flight attendants went up to the woman and said “her bosom was too exposed.”

As the woman sat in her seat crying, another female passenger, Cathy Supp, confronted the flight attendants in the woman’s defense and was also told to leave the plane.

According to the woman, “[The second woman] didn’t think it was very fair or right.”

After being booted from the flight, Supp also wrote about the incident on Facebook,


According to Supp,
She tried to pull her top up further to cover more, each time another flight attendant came with the same issue, telling her in loud and rude tones that she’ll have leave the plane if she can’t get them covered.
Supp tried to comfort the woman as she cried,

I reached into my bag got a pack of tissues, turned to give it to her and said it’s going to be ok just breath. Immediately a flight attendant rushed to her pointing his finger and saying, ‘I told you if I got called to your seat again I’ll toss you off.’


Soon after, they were both asked to de-board the plane and Supp revealed she even had to sleep in the airport as a result of the incident.

Donna Prieto, the first woman’s mother, told ABC 10,
My daughter was humiliated because [the flight attendant] said it out loud.


However, Spirit Airlines has a different version of the story and claims the women wasn’t told to leave because of her bosom.

The airline’s spokesperson, Paul Berry, said,

Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage. People are taken off planes because of behavior.


The airline alleges the woman was removed from the plane because she was intoxicated and disturbing passengers around her.

According to Berry,

The flight attendant made that decision, and as she was leaving, she said, ‘By the way, you might want to cover up.’ It was more of a personal statement to her.


Although the woman admitted to drinking a beer before boarding the flight, she said she was definitely not drunk.

Berry also revealed Spirit Airlines plans to contact the woman in regard to the incident.