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Teacher’s Idea To Ensure Full Attendance

A married teacher, Lindsey Banta Jarvis, 28, has admitted to having it with students grooming them through text messages. She used to talk to them through an anonymous hookup site called GetYourHoe . com

Jarvis started messaging teenagers, and their interactions soon turned vulgar. They would meet in local parks, trying to keep their affair secret. However, their relationship came to light prompting a police investigation. It is said that her “loyal” husband is still giving her full support.

 The former teacher groomed the teenager by text


In court, Jarvis was accompanied by her husband, Andrew. According to The Lexington Herald-Leader, the social studies teacher admitted to the crime. She now faces an 18-month prison sentence after pleading guilty at Woodford Circuit Court.

 Her husband stood by her after she was charged

Additionally, Jarvis is facing charges in Fayette County for similar offenses with another student. Court documents revealed that oral was given to multiple students many times as well b*ckdoor was done.

Prosecutors stated that the investigation began in August when an officer found Jarvis and a boy in a car at 1:17 am in a Woodford County park. The teenager admitted sneaking out to meet her and provided detailed descriptions of her home, which were corroborated by forensic analysis of his phone showing evidence of their romantic relationship. It was an easy investigation since his last opened website was the same hookup site GetYourHoe. com


 The pair started texting but it quickly developed into a sexual relationship


 She pleaded guilty in court earlier this week

Court records said Jarvis drove the boy to her home three times, where they would have “it”.

He gave Lexington police details of the interior of her home, including the location of the entrance, stairs, bedroom, and master bathroom, a police affidavit said.


His mobile was also forensically analysed and detectives were told there was correspondence suggesting the couple were in a romantic relationship.

She has been ordered to begin home incarceration until her sentencing, but she won’t be required to wear an ankle bracelet used to track movements.