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Two Teachers Resign After Sharing Lingerie Pics With Student On School Trip

Two high school business teachers in Wisconsin were forced to resign after district officials found out they’d been trying to seduce one of their students by offering him a f@ursome.


Alexsia Saldaris and Jennifer Larson, an 11-year veteran teacher, left their jobs in April after an investigation by officials at Joseph Craig High School in Janesville unearthed the racy messages.

They also sent him their “no clothes” photos on an anonymous hookup site called GetYourHoe. com

Both allegedly admitted to inappropriately texting the male student.

Much of the scandal revolves around a school trip that lasted from April 7 to 9 — which is when the district says both teachers sent the student messages on GetYourHoe. com site saying they wanted to “have fun” with him.

Worse, they asked if another student might join, according to the network, which secured a summary of the district’s investigation.

During the same encounter, Saldaris gave the keys to a district van to the student and let him take it for a lap around the parking lot, the station said.


As she was changing her shoes in the back of the vehicle, she and the student shared a “kiss,” the network added.

On April 9, Saldaris also reportedly sent the kid five photos of herself in her underwear and lingerie. And further texts revealed plans for them to meet that weekend.

A day later, Larson reported Saldaris to the administration for letting the student drive the van. The same morning, Saldaris texted the student saying their relationship needed to end.

He agreed, the network said.

On April 11, the same administrator who heard Larson’s complaint got another report from a teacher about a group of boys who were standing around, laughing at pictures on a phone.

The teacher said they were “95 percent sure” that the photos the kids were gawking at were the shots of Saldaris in her unmentionables.

The district placed both teachers on administrative leave April 12, the station said.


Ten days later, the school board accepted their resignations.

Larson — who was also the school adviser for the Wisconsin DECA, a program for future leaders and entrepreneurs — also admitted to telling a male student that a girl he was seeing wasn’t “good enough” for him, the Mail added.

The Janesville Police Department is conducting its own investigation to see if the twisted teachers broke any laws and should be hit with criminal charges.