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Celebs who bared it for World Naked Gardening Day

CELEBRITIES don’t need an excuse to bare all these days, but one good one is World Naked Gardening day.

This year, it falls on May 4 and gives everyone a chance to strip off to tend to their lawns.

Ulrika spends a lot of time doing chores in her garden nude


Over the years it has been celebrated by a host of famous faces who are happy to share their n u d e exploits.

The day was started as by Mark Storey, who edited N*de & Nature magazine, to encourage people to celebrate their bodies.

Organisers reckon that “besides being liberating, gardening is second only to swimming as an activity that people are most ready to consider doing n*de”.


We have a look at the famous faces who are happy to bear all for the annual event.

Kelly Brook

Kelly's pals have shared that she liked to garden in the buff

She is used to posing naked from her days as a glamour model

Former Page 3 girl Kelly makes the most of stripping off in her garden when she can.


And pals have revealed she has a secret to ensuring a perfectly even tan.

A pal of the model, 44, told the Star on Sunday: “Kelly was also telling everyone how important it is to have a well-trimmed well-shaped bush and keep them stripped back.

“Obviously she was talking about her actual garden and nothing naughty.”


Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is happy to get naked at home or abroad

Stunning model Emily, 32, barely needs an excuse to show off her figure, but she has for World Naked Gardening Day.

But she doesn’t stop at her own garden. She’s shared snaps in the buff from across the world.


She used to joke she had taken the snaps for her former husband.

Emily reckons her travels in Europe have made her more comfortable with her natural form.

She told The Cut: “You see more women being openly s*xual like it’s not a big deal, without them having to be over s*xualized. They are celebrated.

“You see it on the beaches, daughters with their mothers. It’s not a big deal to see your mom. It’s actually quite normal.”


Ulrika Jonsson

She also sunbathes in the buff to avoid getting any tan lines

The singer, 56, isn’t afraid to get her garden chores done in the buff when it’s sunny outside.

Ulrika shared a series of snaps n*de bar a pair of wellies as she pushed a wheelbarrow about.


While the photos were share to raise awareness of mental health, she may post a set this year for World Naked Gardening Day.

She’s also a regular nude sunbather to ensure she has no tan lines anywhere.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Hollywood star is a fan of posing naked in her own back garden


She claims turning 50 saw her fall in love with her own body

Actress Gwyneth isn’t afraid to flash the flesh when she’s enjoying her own garden.

The wellness brand owner, 51, seems to embrace her n*de form and happily shares snaps of her frolicking in her ample estate.

She has also stripped n*ked to promote her products on Goop in a steamy shower video.


Gwyneth also posted totally n*de except for gold paint for her 50th birthday, as she suddenly felt comfortable in her own body.

She said: “Turning 50 was the polar opposite. I was like, ‘I’ve never felt better in my own skin, and I don’t care if people think I’m attractive or not. I love myself.’ It’s a great feeling.”

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden is a fan of posing in the buff whenever possible


The Heart FM presenter, 53, is no stranger to posing without clothes, and she says she is often in the buff in her own garden.

Amanda doesn’t just garden n*ked, she’s also enjoyed a n*de bounce on her daughter’s trampoline after a dare from her husband.

She shared the tale while discussing World Naked Gardening Day and issued a challenge to followers to copy her and have a clothesless bounce.