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Woman shamed for stealing the limelight in wedding pic

KNOWING what the right thing to wear to a wedding can be tricky, especially for a female.

You can’t ever wear white or another pale shade, some brides don’t like you wearing red or any bright colour that could detract attention from them.

r/trashy - When you just have to steal the spotlight

And if there’s a wedding theme, many brides prefer you stick to that versus wearing what makes you feel comfortable.

One woman recently came under fire for the low-cut dress she wore to a wedding.

The photo, which was posted on Reddit, quickly gained attention, with many people judging her dress choice.

The image showed several people surrounding the bride and groom, smiling at the camera.

The bride was seen in the middle in a white full-length dress and a purple flower fascinator which coordinated with her husband’s blue tie.

But the woman to her left, wearing a blue dress, unintentionally stole the limelight.


The Reddit thread, titled r/trashy, saw hundreds anaylse the dress in great detail.

The caption read: “When you just have to steal the spotlight.”

One commenter said: “She’s purposefully putting herself in front of the bride and hanging her boobs dead center.


“She’s not being trashy because of her boobs she got that title all on her own. Even flat chested her head is in front of the bride.”

Another person jumped in and claimed she knew a lot of people in that photo, and the bride approved the friend’s dress before the wedding.

Several other commenters pointed out the misogyny of the scrutiny.


A defender said: “Surprise surprise women with big t**s aren’t always thinking ‘wow leaning like this will make my boobs look great!’ we just exist.

One comment read: “It’s incredibly trashy to body shame that woman as if her just existing with that anatomy is a call for attention.

“As someone with boobs (not especially huge but not small either) you don’t spend 24/7 thinking about how they’re going to look at different angles.


“It really sucks when [people] together to say you’re a s*** because they happen to be more on display (sic).”

Another commenter pointed out that a man in the picture, wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie, was not the subject of such criticism.

“I love how the guy on the left made sure to wear his finest baseball cap to the wedding,” one commenter said jokingly.


But one Redditor seemed to have extra insight into the thread and photo.

“How is this happening to me again?” she wrote as her photo became the subject of a second viral thread.

The first thread also appeared in r/trashy under the headline: “Proof that we’re actually trash.”