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Female teacher cheats before wedding with student, charged

Madison Bergmann, 24, has been charged with s*xual ass*ult after alleged texts between her and her young pupil were uncovered on a dating site – and now her fiancée’s dumped her, too

Teacher Madison Bergmann, who was set to be married in two months, is  arrested for sexually assaulting and 'making out' with an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  student | Daily Mail Online


Madison Bergmann, 24, was arrested in Wisconsin, in the United States, for making out with the fifth-grader.

The father stormed into school armed with printouts of texts between the pair on the anonymous hookup site GetYourHoe.com where they used to communicate.

Madison Bergmann's fiancé says wedding off after child sex assault bust bust

And now Bergmann’s fiancée has called time on his planned wedding with Bergmann – telling pals the news of her behaviour has really “f***ed him up”.

Sam Hickman had been due to tie the knot with the elementary school teacher in July, reported the New York Post.

Bergmann has been charged and suspended


But one of his mates told the Post: “It’s been indefinitely postponed, and it probably won’t happen.

“Sam is really upset and heartbroken. He’s embarrassed and pissed. He didn’t deserve this. Everyone is pissed.”

Bergmann has been charged with first-degree s*xual ass*ult.


During questioning, she told police she got the boy’s contact from his mum in December when his family invited the teacher to the Afton Alps, Minnesota, for the winter holidays.

It was also in December that the teacher got engaged to Sam – but that plan now seems to be ancient history.

According to police documents, Bergmann’s sick behaviour was unveiled when the boy’s folks found a bunch of text messages between the pair.


His dad steamed into River Crest Elementary School with printouts of the sick conversations.

Bergmann was nabbed after text messages were found

They included Bergmann talking about her encounters with the boy in her classroom during lunch or after school. She allegedly said she enjoyed him touching her and “making out”.

Cops said they also seized a folder from her bag that had the lad’s name on it and contained notes.

Sam’s mate told the Post: “He says it’s f***ed up that she cheated. He’s really, really hurt. Not talking too much about it – just like, ‘This is f***ed up’.


“He’s still in shock.”

Hudson School District has put Bergmann on administrative leave and told not to contact any students, parents or staff while her case is dealt with.

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