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Kim Kardashian ‘copying’ Bianca Censori with slick hair

Kim Kardashian fans have slammed the star for “copying” her ex-husband’s wife Bianca Censori.

Fans accused Kim of copying Bianca's style


A Reddit user quipped: “Kim claims she looks like this…it’s photoshop, reminded me of Bianca lol and also a reminder of what she actually looks like.” They added a close up image of Kim on the red carpet under harsh lighting, so her facial features and blemishes were exposed.

Censori is known for her skimpy outfits and slick hair

Critics flocked to share their thoughts on the star’s look and one person said Kim is “trying to look like Kanye’s new wife”. Someone else speculated that the Kardashian sister “hates” Bianca before another person wrote: “Most of us would feel a little sting if our ex married a woman much younger than us, but Kim being a person that publicly said she’d eat poop if it allowed her to stay young…I bet she’s enraged by Bianca.”

The Kardashian sister has been accused of copying her ex-husband's wife

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One critic also added that Kim is “trying so hard to look like Bianca” and questioned “since when has she done a slicked back bun”. More fans were amazed at the comparison after seeing the side by side comparison of the two women.

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Kim posted her bikini snaps over on Instagram where the reception was much more positive. The influencer kept the caption empty and fans rushed to comment on the star’s brand new beachside snaps.

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One person branded her “stunning,” her sister Kylie Jenner wrote “gorgeous” and another fan said she “looks phenomenal”. A comment read: “Face card always valid Kimberly,” with a heart-eyed emoji, while someone else said she “looked fab”.

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In the picture, Kim stood in front of a gorgeous orange sunset as she pouted for the camera. The blue sky turned into shades of yellow behind her, which offered the star a perfect backdrop for her sun kissed selfie.

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Kim styled her classic brunette locks in a sleek bun pulled away from her face to draw attention to her impressive features, which she emphasised with a full face of makeup. She wore contour, eyeshadow, nude lipstick and blush to add some extra effortless beauty.

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anyone else think kim's sudden weight loss is concerning? this is 2020 vs 2022 she has always been in shape so i don't know how she has lost so much recently :

The reality TV star wore a white bikini top with a scoop neckline and a halterneck style with matching bottoms. On her bottom half, her waistband peeked over a grey skirt that cinched in her hourglass figure as she posed with one leg in front of the other.