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Lana Rhoades Speaks Out About The Worst Scene She Was Ever Asked To Film

The former adult star, whose real name is Amara Maple, is one of the industry’s most popular figures, despite having left the business behind.

Lana Rhoades has spoken out about the worst scene she was ever asked to film. 

Rhoades has previously made headlines for speaking out against the industry, having branded it ‘unglamorous’.

She wants adult films banned and adds that its stars are treated like circus acts, despite the huge net worth it has since gained her.

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“I mean, essentially you’re having to have s** with people that you didn’t choose to have s** with that you might not find attractive you might actually think that they’re disgusting and you have to have s** with them because it’s your job,” Rhoades said.

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And now she’s opened up further about her career in the p*** industry, recalling the worst scene she ever had to film.

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It’s led people to take to social media and share their thoughts on Rhoades’ experiences.

“I feel so sorry for her, she was young and yeah sure she ‘chose’ to be in it but at what cost?” one person pens. “Like some things, you just don’t do to another human being.”

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When co-hosting the 3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN podcast, Rhoades spoke out about the ordeal.

Lana Rhoades

The ex-adult star recalled: “One of the worst… honestly, I feel like I’m in denial sometimes and I can’t accept some of the things that I’ve done.

“There was one thing that, y’know, I tried talking to a therapist about something that I had to do for a scene that was really rough for me.”


She added: “Basically, this guy had a bowl and he, like, gagged me until I threw up into it and he, like, p****d and c** in the bowl. During the scene, he asked me to drink it, and I didn’t know how to say no.

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“It was one of the most disgusting, foul scenes.”