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Position that almost half of women hate

Ali Eaves, from Men’s Health, is here to answer all your questions about women, love, and intimacy.

What’s the most overrated s*x position?
—Roger from Reno, Nevada

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That’s an easy one: reverse cowgirl. Yes, the view might be great for you, but if you ask your partner, she might tell you it’s more like a strenuous leg workout than an enjoyable experience.

In a survey of 1,111 Women’s Health readers, 39 percent said reverse cowgirl was their least favorite position. Following closely behind was doggy, with 28 percent of the votes. Notice a trend?


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So, why is reverse cowgirl not so popular? Simply put, the angle is often uncomfortable and awkward. While she’s up there, she’s not just thinking about the pleasure; she’s also worried about whether you’re enjoying it and hoping she doesn’t accidentally hurt you.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to eliminate it from your repertoire entirely. Variety is key to a healthy and exciting intimate life, and there are certainly women who enjoy this position.



To make the experience more enjoyable for her, be extra communicative. Let her know you’re enjoying yourself so she feels more connected. Another helpful tip from a clever couple: Hang a strategically placed mirror in the bedroom. This gives her something more interesting to look at than the wall and adds a new visual dimension to the experience. You might also consider incorporating a toy.

After a while, you can switch to doggy or one of her favorite positions before things become too uncomfortable. Remember, the goal is to ensure both partners are having a great time, so keep communication open and be attentive to her needs.