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Sydney Sweeney ‘can’t wait to use sex as a weapon’ in racy Barbarella movie remake

Sydney Sweeney has revealed her excitement at “using sex as a weapon” when she stars in a remake of Barbarella.

Sydney Sweeney

The 26-year old actress will play the title role originally performed by Jane Fonda in the sci-fi flick’s original production in 1968. Sydney is used to stripping off on camera, having starred in teen Netflix drama Euphoria.

Jane Fonda starred in the 1968 original

Soon, she’ll be using that experience when she stars as space-travelling Barbarella, which begins with a nude scene. The protagonist then beds several men as she battles scientist Durand Durand, who has devised a weapon to wipe out humanity.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney, who is also an executive producer on the upcoming production explained: “Barbarella is such a fun character to explore. She embraces her femininity and sexuality, and I love that. I’ve always wanted to do sci-fi. So we’ll see what happens.”

The actress tucked a flower behind her ear for the selfie

She continued: “She uses sex as a weapon and I think that’s such an interesting way into the sci-fi world.” Sydney added intends to add a modern twist to the original’s famous scenes, meanwhile.

Sweeney was caught running across the boat

“I watched the original and was like, ‘This is incredibly insane and beyond iconic’. I thought, ‘This would be interesting to be made in today’s world’.”

She also posed with her two friends

Sydney also opend up about the prospect of Jane – now 86 – playing a role in the movie. “It depends if she wants to be involved,” she said. “I’m always up for talking to as many people as possible.”

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Barbarella is based based on the French comic series of the same name by Jean-Claude Forest, which dates back to 1962. Known as the first “adult” comic book, its risque nature follows the lead character’s exploits in the 41st century.

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Although it thrust Jane into becoming a Hollywood sex symbol, she later revealed she had to drink alcohol before performing nude, and was suffering with bulimia at the time of its production. Sydney appears to have no qualms about on-screen nudity, however, as she told the Awards Chatter podcast of her Euphoria experience: “I randomly brought a lot of family members to the premiere, which was the pilot. I was just so excited because it was the big Hollywood premiere and that is what I have dreamt of for so long.

“I wanted to share that experience with my family and I didn’t think about the actual experience. I love my grandma so much but, when we got done, she leaned down and she said, ‘You have the best t*ts in Hollywood’. I was sinking in my chair the whole time thinking, ‘What have I done?’, but she made me feel better.”