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‘I spent £24k on H-cup and men can’t look away – but there’s a big issue’

Model Paige Woolen poses in a dressing gown


A model who spent £24,000 to get her H-cup b*obs says she loves them – but there’s one big issue.

Paige Woolen, who has nearly 1million followers across social media (@paigeuncaged), lives in Los Angeles but is currently in the UK.

She says she was “born with big bo*bs” but decided to go under the knife to make them bigger “after gravity pulled them down”. Four years later, the 32-year-old has no regrets.


Although Paige says men constantly “stare” at her ample bosom – the size does cause problems. Paige’s chest is now so large she struggles to find clothes and splashes around £550 a month on a chiropractor, acupuncture, and massages to stop her from looking like a “croissant”.

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“What I love most about my big breasts is they fill out shirts and dresses so I don’t have to wear a bra,” she told NudePR.

“Men at the grocery store or gym ask me for my number or Instagram after watching me bounce on the treadmill or bend over to see which fruit is ripe. [But] I have encountered many struggles as a result of having big breasts.

“[When I do wear bras], I have to get them specially fitted, which is very expensive. I also have a very large chiropractor bill because I have constant back pain.


“I go for a session every other week, as well as get acupuncture and massage, which costs me around £550 per month in total. I even wear a special back strap to keep my posture upright or else I am shaped like a croissant.”

Model Paige Woolen poses in a black bikini

Model Paige Woolen poses in a red bikini

Paige has only gone under the knife once, in 2021, paying $30,000 (£23,000) for 680cc to fill out her natural shape.

She said: “I was born with big b*obs, they grew during puberty to a double D. I used to have to tape them during dance team performances because they would bounce so much.

“However as I grew into them and got a little older, they were so big, that gravity pulled them down. So instead of getting a reduction, I decided to get them done.


“But because they were naturally so big, the surgeon suggested a bigger implant to fill out the surface area.”

Model Paige Woolen poses in a micro bikini

The model is very happy with her upgrade and the attention it gets her. The OnlyFans model said: “Men stare at me on the street even if I wear sweatsuits because my H b*obs are so big you can see them through baggy clothing.


“Recently men have been trying to get me to send them photos of my bo*bs by pretending that their girlfriend wants a photo of them to show to their plastic surgeon because they like the size of mine. I have no regrets.”

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Paige found fame online a few years ago by exposing cheating guys who slid in her DMs. However, the beauty was forced to move home after getting death threats because of it.

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