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Reality TV show ‘traumatises’ fans as sons strip tease for mums

TLC viewers were left with their jaws on the floor after recent shocking scenes aired on MILF Manor, which showed the contestants stripping off to impress suitors as their parents watched.

MILF Manor fans are stunned as recent scenes shows sons performing a strip tease in front of their fathers.

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In the clip, the male MILF Manor contestants stripped off as the mums watched on from the sidelines. Music played as they ripped their shirts off, while the fathers looked on in embarrassment and scratched their heads in concern.

Lannette then told the camera: “One word to describe an experience where a younger guy is doing a strip tease in front of his father: That is trauma!” Jacob also spoke to the camera and said: “The idea of seducing women in front of my dad is definitely a taboo thing for anyone…right?”


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His father then quipped “think about your mother” as he replied “don’t get started on that”. Elsewhere in the clip, things started to heat up as dancing began, which was awkward all round as the fathers watched with horrified looks on their faces.

The sons started stripping off as viewers at home cringed


Christopher admitted he’d “never done a strip tease with his dad looking over his shoulder” and “into his soul” to which his parent replied: “We can go to therapy together!”

In the caption TLC wrote: “One word: Trauma,” as channel fans rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts. One person said that the show was “rotting their brain” while another typed: “Considering they joined a dating show with their fathers, I don’t think anyone in that group is ashamed or embarrassed. It should have kicked in by now.”

The fathers were not impressed with the strip tease

The fathers were not impressed

Someone else added: “I watched one episode when it first started, that was enough for me, never watched another episode.” One comment read: “This is sad,” another said: “This sucks,” while a third exclaimed: “That’s so embarrassing.”


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“TV is at an all time low to get ratings! Just disgusting,” quipped another disgruntled TLC viewer as multiple people branded MILF Manor as “gross”. The controversial dating show has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons – most recently as Jami admitted she wanted to date a father and a son at the same time.

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She made the candid confession while in the kitchen with her co-stars who had no idea how to respond. Barby opened up and admitted she “doesn’t know what to do” as she “gravitates towards younger guys” with a “free spirit”.