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Topless Girl Interrupts Colombia Vs. Hungary Game To Celebrate Women’s Freedom

A model made a bold entrance onto the soccer field to partake in what could be described as the most X-rated kick-off in history, an event marking the fall of communism and a celebration of women’s liberation in Hungary.
It’s been thirty years since a topless model created a stir by walking onto a soccer field, marking a particularly notable moment in the annals of sports history.


This event unfolded over three decades ago, and the video capturing it has since become a remarkable piece of historical footage.

Specifically, during a friendly match between Hungary and Colombia in early June 1990, a woman adorned only in a bikini bottom left spectators in awe.

Topless Model Starts Colombia Vs. Hungary Game To Celebrate Women's Freedom


With confidence, she made her way to the midfield to commemorate the collapse of communism and the empowerment of women in Eastern Europe.

In Budapest, her bare-chested kickoff was a powerful symbol of the oppressive regime’s end and the emerging freedoms for Hungarian women.

This unprecedented scene took place at Budapest’s Nepstadion stadium.


The match, which occurred just weeks before the World Cup in Italy, attracted around 4,000 spectators who watched as the striking woman, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and high heels, kicked off the game.

Topless Model Starts Colombia Vs. Hungary Game To Celebrate Women's Freedom

Carlos Valderrama, the renowned World Cup captain from Colombia, showed his support by applauding the courageous act.

The bold kickoff seemed to lift spirits, as Hungary secured a 3-1 victory over the South Americans.


Even three decades on, the event continues to stir discussions among fans.

One spectator remarked: “After the fall of Communism in Hungary, this was not only a celebration of women’s liberation but also a moment to advocate for their equal rights… and that’s an excuse any of us would have used too!”

Another commented: “I didn’t know whether to be more shocked by a naked woman kicking off or that the players acted as if it was the most normal thing ever.”

This event was brought back into focus due to a controversial moment earlier this year when a woman at a racing event triggered a brawl by flashing the crowd.

A viral video on TikTok and Twitter showed a fervent fan exposing herself at a stadium, which led to a dispute as another spectator voiced her objections to the inappropriate act in front of children.


In the ensuing chaos, some male fans threw beer at the woman voicing her disapproval, effectively siding with the flasher.

Thankfully, no similar disturbances took place during the topless celebration in the Hungarian home stadium.

In the match itself, Gyorgy Bognar quickly put Hungary ahead with a goal just six minutes in.

Kalman Kovacs followed up with two crucial goals that clinched the win, while Rincon Valencia managed to score for the visiting team.